“ Who Else Wants To Know Top 12+ Professional Scrapbooking Techniques"


Dear scrapbooker,

My name is Kimmo Hakonen, and I am an artist as well as an Art & Design teacher. However, with my 18 years of experience and knowledge in the field of art and design, I did not come into the world of scrapbooking easily, but rather through a side door, so to say.

To make a long story short, my entry into scrapbooking all started with me trying to help my wife to make good-looking scrapbooking pages, and it ended with me gaining a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom from interviewing professional scrapbookers.

This is the knowledge and wisdom that I will be sharing with you through my mini course, which you can access below for free.

During the talks I had with these pro scrapbookers, I learned a lot of great stuff and got hold of some really cool tricks of the trade. Aside from this, I also came closer to what I call the “soul of scrapbooking”... but more on this later.

I spent countless hours interviewing these pros, and because I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of gaining valuable knowledge and wisdom from them, I decided that it would be good to share these with the scrapbooking community, so that they could also share in my joy of learning.


In my FREE Minicourse, You'll Learn:

scrap_tickHow to use layering techniques like a pro

scrap_tickHow to save money while making your scrapbook ideas come to life

scrap_tickImportant tips about color selection in your scrapbooking

scrap_tickApplying the Rule of Thirds in your scrapbook pages

scrap_tickHow to apply your own writing to make your layouts more personalized

scrap_tickMuch, much more...

This is an absolutely one-of-a-kind mini course that fills you in on updated and informative scrapbooking training... and it’s absolutely free. Just fill out your details below to get the first issue delivered to your inbox instantly! It’s that simple!

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